I’m a multimedia producer of sorts.  I don’t like to label myself as just a photographer because I feel that puts up barriers. Barriers cripple the creation process. I work in every media format possible.  I am a visual artist if anything.

I’ve been creating, designing and shooting projects since 1994 on a variety of media formats including digital, film, 35mm, video, canvas, paper and computers.  I also incorporate digital manipulation where needed using a variety of helpful tools.

My specialties are, but not limited to; Arts  & Entertainment, Architecture & Design, Portraits, Nature and Live Event/Concert productions.  I also provide services for  private and corporate event coverage including promotional, personal sessions and news media.

Feel free to browse through my gallery.  There you’ll see samples of my work in a variety of styles, conditions and settings from around the globe.

If you have a special need for any media format, give me a call.  I am available for most every occasion local or afar.


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